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Technology Solutions

Modlettes: DIY e-learning

Modlettes is just in time e-learning like you’ve never seen before.

Easy to build and easy to consume, perfect for any business who needs to train people or share information quickly and easily!


Platinum Payroll

Platinum Payroll System’s objective is to provide a total software solution for an organisation’s people management.

Their first client was an organisation of over 1000 employees who went live November 2009, since then over 400 companies are now being paid using Platinum Payroll.  


Payroll and HR systems consulting

Jersey Initiatives Founder Brian de Gregory has worked with HR and payroll teams around the world to help them take the initiative with their systems.

He can work with your business on systems consulting, executive coaching and mindful leadership.



Dynamic HR software solutions for your business.

Designed for businesses of all sizes - our software is scalable & configurable from plug & play to tailored solutions. Discover why over 8,000 businesses employ enableHR.


: People Matter

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