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You can become a student member of APPNZ if you:

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You can become an Affiliated Member of APPNZ if:

Affiliated Member

Certified Members of APPNZ have to show that they have significant experience working in an HR, Payroll, L&D or Talent role, and must also complete a online knowledge and skills assessment to show they have in depth knowledge of employment law, HR, L&D or Payroll tools and processes.


Chartered Member

A Chartered People Professional has demonstrated that they have added value to their organisational through a strategic initiative, built business relationships and shown leadership capability.

Certified Members can apply to be Chartered. The Chartering process involves preparing a business case which is reviewed by our Chartering panel and  attending a review panel meeting.


Join a community of HR, Payroll, L&D and Talent Professionals across New Zealand

Whether you are about to start your HR career, wanting to grow your skills or gain recognition, APPNZ membership will support you every step of the way. You will receive access to the HR, Payroll and L&D resources, development programmes and networking opportunities.

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