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The last radical shift in the HR world was the Ulrich model – 18 years ago. How should HR teams work in the future?

Kellie O’Sullivan, GM People and Performance at Ministry of Justice presented one of the APPNZ modules about HR strategy.

Co-creating HR. Is this the future?

: People Matter

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Kellie O’Sullivan

General Manager, People & Performance,

Ministry of Justice

Kellie first took everyone on a tour through where HR has come from.

What she sees is that in 2017 many HR teams are still set up around the Ulrich model. The problem with this is that we speak too ‘HR’ and the business doesn’t get what we’re saying. People can now get the information that HR has previously owned (e.g. leadership) through articles, videos and meeting people through LinkedIn – so HR are not experts anymore at this topics. There has been no link in what HR rolls out and what results it will actually achieve.

Kellie recently went to a US conference on the 4th industrial revolution.

 There were several trends covered which will impact on HR:

Kellie’s personal view is that HR has to get the basics right and focus on the customer. You have to find the emotional hook that engages you with your business. You have to connect on a personal level – emotional wins over rational. Tell a story. And that you need to look at your HR being co-created by your business.

She also shared a couple of tips about getting your senior leaders on board that will stay in the room. But perhaps she’ll share those again at another workshop! Thank you to Kellie for her session.

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