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Recruitment Training

6 modules to complete

: People Matter

Module 1: The Human Rights Act

This module covers understanding the principles of the Human Rights Act, and how they do and don’t apply when you are interviewing and selecting candidates.

Module 2: The Privacy Act

This module covers the 12 principles of the Privacy Act, how they apply to collecting and storing information and how to deal with Privacy issues that may arise.

Module 3: Criminal Record Act

This module covers the legal provisions of the Criminal Record (Clean Slate) Act, how and when it applies and the processes and issues for HR and Talent professionals to consider.

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The APPNZ Recruitment Training Programme runs over 6 months.

Each week there is a recorded briefing that you can watch either individually or as a team, and then complete the practical exercises to test your knowledge or skills. These exercises can be either completed online, or if you are a Manager running the programme with your team, these can be printed off and completed as a team.

Once you have completed the programme you can apply to be a Certified Member of APPNZ.

Alternatively if you have already completed some Recruitment training you may wish to just purchase individual modules to complete.

Completing the programme costs $945 + GST for non members or $595 + GST for Student or Affiliated Members who are working to be Certified.

Individual modules cost $65 + GST for non members or $45 + GST for members.

Recruitment Professional Development Programme

Module 1: Types of Employees

This module covers understanding the different types of employees including part timers, casuals, fixed termers and seasonal workers and the issues to know about each.

Module 2: Using trial periods

This module covers the legal provisions of using trial periods so you can correctly advise whether a hiring manager can use one, and how it works.

Module 5: Zero Hours and Casuals

This module covers zero hour arrangement and how they work so you represent the role correctly to candidates if this is being offered.

Module 3: Employment Agreements

This module covers the different clauses that may be in the employment offer so you can advise the candidate correctly on the details of the role.

Module 4: Meal Breaks and Flexible Work

This module covers understanding the legal provisions around meal breaks and flexible working, so you can correctly represent the role to candidates.

3 modules to complete

5 modules to complete

4 modules to complete

9 modules to complete

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Module 1: Search Plans

This module covers:

Module 2: Designing Adverts

This module covers different approaches you can take to designing graphic or written adverts, and how to engage with your candidate through your recruitment advert.

Module 3: Selection & Short Listing

This module covers different methods you can use to build objective short-listing and selection processes to ensure that the right candidates get chosen. You will also learn how to use psychometric testing and assessment centres.

Module 4: Interview Skills

This module covers understanding different interviewing theories, and how to write an effective interview question. It also includes tips and techniques on how to build rapport with candidates and interview effectively.

Module 5: Candidate Checks

This module covers the processes around conducting different candidate checks – references, credit checks, qualifications and more. The legal issues and what to look out for.

Module 6: HM and Candidate Care

This module covers techniques to use to manage candidates, provide the right experience and how to decline them for a role. We also cover how to work with the hiring manager (HM) to build a good relationship.

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Module 1: Implementing New Systems

This module covers tools and techniques to use when choosing and implementing a new ATS or other recruitment systems.

Module 4: Your Digital Brand

This module covers key principles of how you represent yourself and your company to attract and find candidates in the digital world.

Module 2:

Your Tech Stack

This module covers different recruitment and talent systems that are available and what to consider for your technology stack.

Module 3: Search Platforms

This module covers how to use basic search principles and platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your own database.

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Module 1: Developing Strategy

This module covers the steps to take to develop your ATS and Recruitment strategy, different models that you can use and how to measure success.

Module 2:

Talent Pools

This module covers tools and techniques to use to build and manage talent pools within your business or externally.

Module 3: Writing a Business Case

This module covers tools and techniques to use to write an effective business case to create change in your organisation.

Module 4: EVP and Employment Brands

This module covers the elements of building and curating an engaging EVP and employment brand, and case studies of employment brand success stories.

Module 5:

Relationship Building

This module covers how you can build effective working relationships with hiring managers in your business and the executive team.

Module 6: Diversity and Inclusion

This module covers how you can build diversity and inclusion into your attraction and selection processes and understanding Maori protocol and values.

Module 7: Agency vs


This module covers the different aspects of working in an agency vs in house and tools and techniques to use to manage successfully.

Module 8: Leading a Team

This module covers different tools, techniques and systems to use to lead an effective recruitment team including managing remotely.

Module 9: Your Leadership Brand

This module covers the factors that can impact on your leadership style and how to be proactive in creating and implementing your own leadership brand.

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