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Definition of the different roles and career paths within the HR, Payroll, Learning & Development and Talent professions with job descriptions and salary data

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What’s My Role?

Human Resources

HR roles can range from an administration/operational role, to advising managers on policies and procedures, to being a consultant dealing with disciplinary and ER issues, to an HR Business Partner working strategically with managers to a Chief People Officer or HR Director. As well as pure HR roles, an HR career paths can also include HRIS and systems, HR analytics, Remuneration and Change Management.



Learning and Development roles can be very different depending on the size of the business you are in. In smaller companies an L&D Manager may also be a Trainer, a Facilitator, an Instructional Designer, an Organisational Developer and work as a strategic Learning Partner. Within larger companies there may be different roles for each of these.


Learning & Development

Payroll as a function sits either in HR or finance and payroll roles can differ because of this. The size of the company also dictates how broad payroll roles can be. In larger companies a payroll career path includes roles as a Payroll Advisor, to being a Specialist, to signing off a payroll, to managing a team or becoming a strategic payroll partner. There is also cross over into HR systems, data and analytics and remuneration.



Talent Acquisition roles include Search Specialists, Recruitment Coordinators, Interview Specialists, Talent Managers and strategic Talent Partners. Talent is no longer a reactive function. For those pursuing a talent career, the world has changed significantly with technology, and Talent Professionals must work in a new age of transparency to attract the right people to a business.


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