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Recruitment Certification Guidelines

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Salary and Job Information

Qualifications and Training

Experience Assessment

You will need to outline your experience in the following areas:

You must also have:

A Certified Recruitment Professional will have have significant experience in each area - usually this will be around 5+ years. Your experience is assessed by a member of our Advisory Panels or Leadership team.

Online Exams

The Certification process then involves passing an online examination testing your skills and knowledge in your profession. You must get 80% or more in the assessments.  The online examination tests your knowledge of tests your knowledge of recruitment related legislation with two practical exercises testing your application of developing a sourcing plan, and selection of the appropriate candidate.

Reference Checks

We will also conduct reference checks on your recruitment expertise.


Not sure if you have enough experience yet?

You can apply and just have an experience assessment completed, rather than apply for full Certification. You’ll then have your application reviewed by a member of our Recruitment Advisory Panel and receive feedback on whether you have enough experience to work through Certification, or if not what areas you may need to develop further in.

I have 10+ years experience. Why do I have to complete this? Can’t you just make me Certified?

We are working through having our Certification and Chartering processes ISO accredited so they are internationally recognised. The ISO standard requires we test your skills and knowledge, not just rely on you having experience.

How long does applying take? For the experience assessment, your application should take 15 - 20 minutes. The online exam takes around 15 - 30 minutes. The practical assessments can take up to 2 - 4 hours.

Membership Benefits

As a Certified Member of APPNZ, you will gain access to practical and real life tools for your profession, be able to learn from other people professionals, keep up-to-date on the latest thinking and get support for your career.

Certified Members receive:

Membership Fees

Applying for Certified Membership costs $395 which includes:

You can also just apply for the experience assessment for $95 + GST. If you do have enough experience to undertake the Certification process then you will only need to pay a further $300 + GST.

If you do not pass the examination, there is a resit fee of $145 + GST.


Your fees must be paid by credit card. You membership will commence once your fees have been paid. Each year you will receive a fees renewal invoice. Once Certified, from your second year of membership you will need to complete 20 hours of CPD per annum to retain your Certification. You can also upgrade your membership to Chartered Member during your Certified Membership and pay the pro-rata extra fee amount for the remainder of your membership year.

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Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Certification

What does the Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Certification involve?

The process is as follows:

Experience Assessment

This involves outlining your recruitment experience

Online Exams

These test your knowledge of recruitment legislation and processes

Reference Checks

With referees who can provide details of your recruitment expertise

Recruitment Advisory Panel

Amanda Law

Senior Recruitment Consultant,


Theresa Tudor

HR & Recruitment Manager,

Tudor HR

Bianca Lapusan

Senior Recruitment Consultant,

Vitaco Health

Rachel Kemp

Talent Acquisition Manager,

Auckland Council

Matt Pontin

Recruitment and Allocation Manager

Northern Regional Alliance Limited

Matt Bartlett

Vice President, Talent

Orion Health