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Human Resources

The Human Resources professional development programme covers:

After experimenting with a number of different ways to provide training and development for HR, Payroll, Learning and Talent professionals, APPNZ has taken a new approach. We have developed a number of short modules which can be completed either by individuals, or as a team.

These modules comprise of a briefing video, presented by experts in their field which you can watch individually or as a team. There are then a number of practical exercises to complete to test your knowledge and skills.

We are also working with the University sector on developing formal L&D Qualification and Payroll Qualifications in New Zealand as these currently do not exist.



The Payroll professional development programme covers:


Talent & Acquisition

The Talent professional development programme covers:


: People Matter

Learning & Development

The L&D professional development programme covers 6 key areas with modules pitched at 3 different levels. The 6 areas are:


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