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Liliana Welch

Payroll Manager,

Dominion Constructors

Liliana Welch has a broad range of payroll experience in different industries. She started her payroll career as Payroll Administrator at Spotless Services. She spent several years as Business Solutions Manager for Datacom and then became NZ Payroll Manager for Hudson Global Services. For the last 5 years Liliana has been Payroll Manager at Foodstuffs NZ and recently moved to Dominion Constructors.

Liliana believes payroll is an extremely important area in a business where robust and efficient processes and good understanding and compliance with legislation are key contributing factors to a successful Payroll team.  It is a niche market with a niche talent pool, a mix of solid administration processes, attention to detail, sound knowledge of NZ legislation, empathy and great communication skills are the basis to being successful in a Payroll role.

Liliana is passionate about Payroll legislation, processes, technology and continuous process improvements and is excited about the future of Payroll as a growing industry with great Payroll Professionals that are equally passionate and driven.

Anna Sefuiva

Director HR Services,

Auckland DHB

Anna Sefuiva has 30 years working within the payroll profession including payroll imple-mentations, consulting, managing large payrolls as well as establishing and managing  one of New Zealand’s first Trans-Tasman payroll outsourcing centres.

She has also led Remuneration & Benefits, HRIS Support, HR Information Reporting and Health and Safety.  

Anna understands the value that payroll can add to an organisation and also the importance of ensuring that the payroll team is efficient and effective and delivers to the needs of the business while remaining compliant with internal policies and legislative requirements. 

She is passionate about payroll and the career opportunities that it offers.  The possibilities with technology and broadening the scope of payroll will make the future of payroll very exciting.  

Bobbie Hanlon

Payroll Manager,

Sanford Seafood

Bobbie Hanlon has extensive experience in Payroll with roles at Datacom, ManTrack, Tempus Fugit and the last 8 years leading a team with Downer NZ.

She has recently taken up the role as Payroll Manager at Sanford.

Bobbie believes the skills Payroll people bring to their organisations will be more recognised in future.  The complexity of payroll legislation and the broad range of talents that payroll people need are growing year on year. 

Michael Ross

Manager, Payroll and HR Technology  Victoria University of Wellington

Michael Ross has had an extensive payroll career. He spent time working for Telstra Corporation, and then several years with ANZ, where he was part of the team transitioning the payroll team to Melbourne and then to Wellington. He is currently Manager Payroll and HR Technology at Victoria University of Wellington. His role manages the Payroll and HR technology teams and is part of the wider Human Resources Group.

I think that while payroll is very much about systems, processes and policy, I think in some respect we have lost our way with the people side of payroll.  We need to move back to a more customer centric (I hate that word) focus, as peoples pay is one of the most important things to them.  We also need to start to develop our teams in more than just the processing, they need to be able to work with HR and Managers to ensure that business needs are met and that staff are provided with the best customer service possible.  There also needs to be a definite career plan for those that wish to move up the ranks.

Susanne Carter

National Coordinator Risk & Insurance, Fulton Hogan

Susanne Carter’s payroll career has included payroll management roles within large corporate's including the District Health Board and a national retail chain. She has been with Fulton Hogan for over 7 years as National Payroll Manager. She recently moved into the role of National Coordinator Risk and Insurance.

Overly passionate I have always believed Payroll requires highly specialised knowledge and is more often than not overlooked as being an important part of every business, consequently it is absorbed under either Finance or HR. Its function should be considered independent of both Finance and HR. Payroll is the business unit that links HR and finance by providing information and feedback to both and it relies on both for its checks and balances to ensure absolute integrity of data. And yes, this requires high level communication skills.

Lydia Baines

Payroll Manager,

Auckland District Health Board

Lydia Baines has 14 plus years of experience in payroll and has loved the majority of it.  She has worked for many different organisations, across multiple industries, ranging from Bunnings through to The University of Dunedin.  She spent several years as HR Systems and Payroll Manager for T&G Global, responsible for a payroll of 3000+, ranging from seasonal, wage and salaried workers, working with 12 individual HR systems and on the busy week 12 payrolls. She recently became Payroll Manager at Auckland DHB.


There are days in payroll when nothing goes right, but there are also days when it runs like a dream.  Lydia’s ideal world is that everybody got everything, on time to payroll.  As this is never the case, her and her team are working towards ensuring the business understands why these processes and timelines are so important.


Payroll is usually the biggest expense line in any business.  It is quite often never talked about, unless it is going wrong.  Lydia believes firmly in establishing strong relationships across an organisation to ensure people understand the value payroll can bring to a business, this requires understanding of business strategy and how payroll can support it.  We put people at the heart of what we do, and how we deal with our customers in their time of need, should dictate how you run payroll. 

The Payroll Advisory Panel

The Payroll Advisory Panel represent the payroll profession. They include representatives for different industries, different level payroll roles, practitioner and academic roles and from locations across New Zealand. The Panel advise the Association on activities, assess applications for Professional Associates, organise events and run other initiatives.  Our Payroll Advisory Panel includes:









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