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There are many different options that you can take during your career in terms of your roles, but also the solutions that you deliver to your business.

It’s essential for HR, Learning, Payroll and Talent professionals developing their judgement and skills to be able to discuss and receive guidance from more experienced people. Earlier on in your career it can be difficult to know what you should be doing to develop yourself for your career path and to succeed in your current and future roles. Getting advice from someone who has been through this who can give you suggestions, put you in touch with the right people and advise on training and development opportunities that you may not have considered, is incredibly valuable.

Even further on in your career, having access to a mentor to discuss issues with can help stretch your skills and achieve more.

APPNZ has a mentoring programme that you can access as a member.

 Our mentors will work with you on the following:

Once you apply to have a mentor, we will send you through a suggested list of mentors for you to choose from. You can then get in touch with your preferred mentor and they will then liaise with you about mentoring sessions. If you’d like to volunteer to be a mentor please email us.

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