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Tips and tricks on designing Training

This webinar will cover different instructional design tools you can use for process, systems or other training and case studies on how it’s worked in real life.

Essentials of Presenting

In this webinar you will cover tools and techniques on how to present infront of an audience and ngage the audience with what you’re saying.

Measurment and ROI

Hear about  different models of measurement including KirkPatrick and how to calculate learning ROI for your business.

Learning Technology Tools

Hear about different leaning technology solutions and how real companies are using learning tech in different ways.

Strategic  Learning Principles

In this webinar you will cover how to apply learning principles and build a positive learning culture and global learning trends, and using the 70:20:10 model.

Using storytelling for Learning Engagement

Hear about the essentials of story telling and different methods these can be used to build learning engagement.

Developing a Learning Brand

In this webinar you will cover tools and techniques to develop a learning brand in your business and  transformational learning  culture change tools and techniques.

Orgnisational Development Strategies

In this webinar you will cover how to develop and implement OD strategies for your business including case studies of real businesses.

Understanding Learning Principles

This webinar covers the different adult learning principles that you’ll need to use when desiging or delivering learning.


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Using Learning Styles

This webinar covers the different learning styles  and how to use them when designing and delivering learning.

Running a Training Needs Analysis

Hear about different tools and techniques to use to run a training needs analysis for an individual or a team.

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The APPNZ L&D Webinar programme covers key technical and strategic skills you need to know with case studies from real L&D and OD professionals.


APPNZ members receive 8 webinars as part of their annual membership fee.

APPNZ members can also register for further webinars for $25 + GST.  

Non members can register for webinars for $45 + GST.  


Our L&D webinars are usually scheduled during Monday or Friday lunch time. If you register and are not able to attend then you’ll get a sent a recording of the webinar.


You’ll hear from a range of L&D professionals who will share practical tips and techniques on different areas of learning that they are passionate about, as well as sharing their learning career path with you.

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Designing E-learning

This webinar covers the principles and models that you can you use when designing any type of online/e-learning module including an overview of the SRIA model.

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