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Until an employee goes through their induction to a company, the only experience is with the recruitment and selection process. While this will have formed some expectations of the role, research has shown a good induction is the most important factor in determining how well a new employee will perform and fit in.

Your induction process should be designed to:

Providing all the information at once can overwhelm someone when they’re starting as well as create a rather unexciting first day. New employees want to know that they've made the right decision, feel clear about what the new role involves and have started to get to grips with the job.

To do this effectively, APPNZ recommends spreading induction and orientation out into the following.

On boarding - providing information for the employee to read or work through before they start. This could be about policies and procedures, how to get to your workplace, parking information and even a welcome gift.

First day induction – covering the essentials about health and safety in the workplace, pay, processes and their role. Also giving them a chance to do some part of the job. Dyson gets every new employee to make a vacuum cleaner on their first day!

First three months – meetings with key employees, going over key processes again, attending an orientation day (often with presentations from different areas of the company and a tour of different locations) and completing an entry interview to measure how well induction and orientation has gone.

General Guidelines on

Induction & Orientation

How can the people professions help with induction and orientation?

Your HR team can design induction processes to ensure new employees get all the information they need, that the Employment Relations Act is complied with, to put together orientation days, to conduct entry interviews and measure induction effectiveness.

Your payroll team can provide information about how employees get set up to be paid, can run police checks if required, and provide processes and information so new employees know how timesheets, leave, remuneration and other payroll processes work.

Your talent team can measure the success rate of appointments to ensure your recruitment process has found the right candidates.

Your learning team can design on the job training plans for manages to use, deliver orientation days and put together specialist training for school leavers graduates, managers or migrants. 

Further Information

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