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With Chartering behind us as a profession, APPNZ believes that HR will be empowered to take the leadership role it needs, with practitioners that are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to help NZ organisations succeed.

Lisa Hunter

HR Advisory Panel Member

Do CEO’s and managers understand what skills and experience make a qualified People Professional?  

We don’t think they do.

APPNZ’s  Chartering process recognises People Professionals who know how to deliver excellence in their field.

You can become an Chartered Member of APPNZ if you can demonstrate:

For Certified Members the Chartering process involves preparing a business case which provides information about the 3 criteria above. This business case is then reviewed by our Chartering panel. You will also be required to attend a review panel meeting to answer further questions.

If you are not Certified, then you will need to work through Certification first. There are two pathways to being Certified:

Membership Benefits

As a Chartered Member of APPNZ, you will receive:

Membership Fees

Annual Membership is $195 + GST.

Applying for Chartered Membership costs the following:

Yearly membership fees already paid as a Certified Member will be deducted from your annual membership.  Your fees can be paid by credit card, or online banking. Each year you will receive a fees renewal invoice. To remain Chartered you will need to complete 20 hours of CPD per annum.

: People Matter

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