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Experience Assessment: This is where you can demonstrate that you have significant experience in each area of your profession. This will usually be 5+ years. Your experience is assessed by a member of our Advisory Panels or Leadership team.

Online Examination and Assessments: The Certification process involves passing an online examination testing your skills and knowledge in your profession. You must get 80% or more in the assessments. For more about Certification for your specific people profession, please see  the guidelines below.

Membership Benefits

As a Certified Member of APPNZ, you will gain access to practical and real life tools for your profession, be able to learn from more experienced people professionals, keep up-to-date on the latest thinking and get support for your career.

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Membership Fees

Applying for Certified Membership costs the following:

If you are already a Student or Affiliated Member, then yearly membership fees already paid will be deducted from your annual membership.  Your fees can be paid by credit card, or online banking. You membership will commence once your fees have been paid. Each year you will receive a fees renewal invoice. Once Certified, from your second year of membership you will need to complete 20 hours of CPD per annum to retain your Certification. You can also upgrade your membership to Chartered Member during your Certified Membership and pay the pro-rata extra fee amount for the remainder of your membership year.




Kylie Mouat, Founder & HR Consultant,  eight73consulting  

Kylie passed her HR Certification in 2017.  Kylie says “I think HR should be respected alongside other professional services such as accountants and lawyers who also provide valuable advice to businesses of all natures. Regulation of the HR profession gives businesses confidence in the calibre of the personnel delivering the advice and support and ensures those of us in the profession are committed to best practice HR.”

If you are a business leader, make sure you ask your HR

professional if they are Certified or Chartered.

Find out more about eight73consulting.

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